Our services

Our Services

Teeth fillings

We offer permanent dental fillings, silver coloured, tooth coloured / or white. With minimal trauma. Some fillings do not even require injection!

Root Canal Treatments

A painful decayed tooth does not necessarily require removal. In our clinic, such teeth are treated using root canal procedure a painless procedure and final permanent filling put. A crown or a cap is highly recommended after root canal treatment and is always advised.


Crooked teeth, misplaced teeth need not be an embarrassment any more.
Boost your confidence and self esteem with straightened teeth. This we do by use of fixed permanent braces for about one year, with flexible and easy terms of payments.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone desires a bright smile. We have a wide range of teeth whitening procedures among them, vital teeth opalescence whitening, powered teeth whitening and masking. ALL with no side effects! Visit us and improve your smile!

 Gum Disease/Teeth Cleaning

Gum disease and eventual teeth falling off begin with plaque and stains formation on the teeth. To stop this destructive process, we do regular cleaning, polishing and prophylaxis of the teeth to maintain health gums and good breath.

Crowns & Bridges 

Lost or missing teeth can be replaced with permanent teeth or caps, which we match to the color of your natural teeth.. This is part of aesthetics, our speciality. 

Other services offered at Dental Capital Centre include:

  • Dental consultation
  • Masking/Veneers
  • Teeth replacements.
  • Scaling and polishing.
  • Prophylaxis.
  • Gum treatments.
  • Teeth extractions.
  • Minor oral surgeries.


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Contacts for: Dental Capital Group, HQ
Mobile: 0722 911825 / 0732 911825
Email: info@dentalcapital.co.ke
Physical Address:Twin Oak Plaza, 4th floor
Commercial Street / Nkrumah Road Junction

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