Q& A good: THE COLLEGE COOKING PROCESS A week ago, I was a new guest upon #CollegeCash discussion on Facebook discussing college preparation the online options that are available for the patients parents and pupils. Since not really everyone can stay these félin or is active on Flickr, argumentative essay examples for high school I thought it would nice to talk about the inquiries and info here on the blog.

Question: Any time do families start the group prep method?

  1. Ideally you should start dealing with your student about the value of an education as soon as they start class and ampere it up with middle school.
  2. 9th class students have to pay close attention to path selection signing up for AP honors classes, mathmatical and research.
  3. 9th graders should also begin looking for that YOU extracurricular workout to concentrate on inside high school.

Query: What do there is as the parent’s role within the college preparation process?

  1. Families should permit the student ‘drive the car’ but complement as a passenger/guide
  2. Parents may help with business and gentle ticklers regarding deadlines
  3. Parents have to be there regarding advice, help and inquiries but do take control of doing this

Question: What online resources do you recommend for looking at colleges side-by-side?

  1. I love Zinch because you can create a profile, examine colleges and find matched w/colleges and scholarships http://www.zinch.com
  2. You should use the College Board’s tool to match colleges additionally http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/search/index.jsp
  3. Extra sites are generally: http://www.collegeview.com/index.jsp & http://www.collegexpress.com/ & http://www.cappex.com & http://www.collegeconfidential.com

Concern: What internet tools do you really recommend pertaining to test ready?

  1. For language prep, @sheldonwordnerd has the PERFECT online application available http://www.word-nerd.com
  2. Practice checks are imperative so take advantage of them on-line here http://sat.collegeboard.org/practice & http://www.number2.com/ & http://www.actstudent.org/testprep/index.html
  3. Read their particular blogs & follow on Twitter: @elizabethonline @akilbello@sheldonwordnerd @preppedpolished @PWNtheSAT@staceyhowelott

Question: What web based tools will you recommend to get financial aid?

  1. The main definitive web-site for school loans info is http://www.finaid.org/
  2. Obviously ALL mother and father should total the FAFSA http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ to qualify for financial aid
  3. Saving for Higher education provides dads and moms with all the information about financial aid http://www.savingforcollege.com/ & lets you compare savings plans

Issue: What online language learning resources do you suggest for college visit preliminary research?

  1. Visit higher education websites and search for video adventures and information in connection with each individual college
  2. @collegevisit has all the software you need to program, organize in addition to prepare for university or college visits http://www.smartcollegevisit.com
  3. Before the pay a visit to you can check out there @YOUniversity is actually virtual higher education tours and even hear from pupils http://www.youniversitytv.com/

Thought: What on the net tools equipment recommend to aid with the dissertation?

  1. @vcollegeadvisor has its great go tips using video http://www.youtube.com/user/PreCollegeCoach#p/a/u/0/Ago6tIEnL0g
  2. @collegebasics delivers some good useful information on different composition topics http://www.collegebasics.com/applying-to-college/admissions-essays/
  3. @butwait offers a pocket dissertation editor about 13 guidelines https://docs.google.com/present/view?id=ah89knd3kmzc_469cq94ghdq
  4. When you are looking for certain actual university student essay experiences, look at this point http://www.teenink.com/college_guide/college_essays/

Thought: Where do you find information about individual university statistics?

  1. I’m keen on College Navigator because you can view studies and evaluate http://nces.ed.gov/collegenavigator/
  2. Fantastic resource for research and more is definitely CollegeData http://www.collegedata.com/
  3. The College Snowboard also offers a tool to research college information http://collegesearch.collegeboard.com/search/index.jsp

Question: Just what exactly information will you share within the Net Amount Calculator?

  1. Websites price calculators were mandated to help mother and father and college students estimate the very cost of school BEFORE utilizing
  2. Not all calculators are created similar; use them to be a tool however don’t expect to have 100% accuracy on cost estimates
  3. Colleges are required to wear them their web pages but they are usually hard to find; maybe you have to do some digging

Thought: How can mothers and fathers be assured they are really getting EXPERIENCED advice about college in addition to being robbed?

  1. I published a web log recently relating to this topic https://www.parentingforcollege.com/2011/11/07/parents-beware-its-a-jungle-out-there/
  2. Some key points: investigate just about all claims working with Google; ask about them utilizing social media; draught beer associated w/other experts?
  3. Don’t think claims except in cases where backed up along with facts and if it’s as well good for being true, them usually will be


I read through two content and a state today which underscored the significance of starting the college preparation technique early:

Math with preschool

Is 6th score the key to be able to ending the particular dropout crisis?

The Neglected Middle (A College Motivation Report)

While I may advocate pressuring students inside grade classes about higher education or having undue tension related to institution preparation, there are numerous things that parents can do to assure their learners are prepared if the college decision-making time assignments around. Every suggestions:

  1. Inspire your university student to read, examine and go through a strong vocabulary that you can exclusively get from browsing will reward them throughout high school and also into university; not to mention it can help with SAT/ACT testing in addition to essay research.
  2. Make sure your school’s numbers and knowledge programs will be up-to-par knowning that your university student participates having a strong amount in both things these training systems are crucial to your student’s important thinking capacity and their good results with taking on college curriculum.
  3. Educate you on your learner to set aims and abide by steps to attain them if you start quick, you are planning to purchase your scholar to be successful in high school, college or university and in daily life.
  4. Before entering high school, have a talk with your teen in regards to the importance of qualities and school success on the next a number of years their very own grades are usually more than just text letters on a piece of paper; they will see how colleges see them and then the amount of caliber aid that they receive. Tough academic effectiveness = entrée and scholarships or grants.
  5. Assist your individual find their passion some sort of nonacademic activity/hobby/interest to practice, grow in addition to excel during school along with beyond. This is fun, societal and ego-building, and educational facilities want to see this kind of, too. (Thanks to Wendy at POCSMomfor this further tip! )

These kinds of may seem that simple or maybe obvious ideas, but these few suggestions, in case followed, will put your current student to college preparedness and even school success. Good proactive raising a child can perform a huge job in the higher education admissions progression.

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